Content Restrictions

I will not draw these subjects. I take the right to decline any commission subject I am not comfortable drawing.

  • Copyrighted characters (Pokémon, disney characters, sonic etc. E.g: if your character is a Pikachu in a different color, I will not draw it.)
  • Underaged characters / Baby Furs / Diaper furs
  • Incest. So NO siblings, cousins, father-daughter etc.
  • Extreme Vore
  • Fat Furs
  • Giant out of proportion breasts and genitals (Hyper)
  • Muscle (overly muscular characters)
  • Rape
  • Transformation
  • Watersports & Scat
  • Firearms and armor
  • Robots, humans and marine animals: I am just not that good at them


After receiving the payment in full I will begin with an approval sketch (excludes icons). Communication will be through email. At this stage, minor alterations are acceptable free of charge. I am willing to do 3 sets of minor alterations before I begin charging for additional alterations. Also any alteration that requires a complete redraw, or major overhaul to the piece will incur a fee (which will be determined based on the complexity of the sketch and the nature of the alteration). Once the sketch has been approved I will go ahead and ink, and color it. I am willing to do 3 minor alterations if any mistakes for markings/colors have been made.


While the commissioner retains the rights they have to their own personal characters, I retain all rights in regards to the piece of artwork. The commissioner may crop an image for use as icons, wallpapers, or resize it for display purposes, but they may not make any edits or changes to the art itself. The commissioner may post a display-sized image (no more than 1200 pixels at largest dimension) online for display in their personal galleries, so long as credit is given to me as the artist. The commissioner may not reproduce, or make any money off the artwork.

Commercial Use

If the commissioner intends to use a piece of art for any kind of commercial use, this must be discussed with me in advance, and if I give permission for said usage, I will want royalties on any sales with my artwork in them, and credit to myself as the artist. The commissioner does not have the right to use any commissioned artwork for any commercial use without prior written permission from me.


I reserve the right to make and sell prints of any commissions. If the commissioner wishes no prints to be made of their commission, I will ask an extra fee, which will be determined based on the projected popularity of the print sales. The commissioner must ask in advance for no prints to be made, so I can calculate the fee, and assure that no prints are made.


  • You can receive a 10% discount if you have commissioned me before (excludes auctions & re-colors).
  • Discounts can be combined when there’s a sale going on!


The commissioner can request a refund; if no work has started yet the commissioner can request a full refund. If an approval sketch has already been provided a 50% refund can be given. After that no refunds are given. I take the right to cancel and (partially) refund any commission if the commissioner is rude/uncooperative.


All communication will be through email. The commissioner understands that good timely communication is very important, and without timely responses, my process will be slowed down. I work on multiple commissions at a time, and I will generally go back and forth between commissions to make the best use of my time, so if I do not receive timely responses, I will often switch over and work on another piece. Communication should also be friendly, professional and respectful at all times.

Questions?: Please email
I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, and to refuse to accept a commission for any reason. These Terms of Service are subject to change


  • Payment is upfront and will be billed to the Paypal address supplied (I will send you an invoice)
  • I retain copyright, and printing rights, character owners retain copyright to the characters.
  • Both artist and client have display rights

Have questions before you order? Feel free to email me at: