1. Prices and terms of service are subject to change with or without prior notice. Prices can also vary depending on the complexity of an image. However, any quotes given to clients inquiring on subject content will be honored for up to two weeks (14 days.)
  2. All payment is required in full prior to the commission being started.
  3. Any and all deadlines MUST be discussed up front and may be subject to “rush” fees, no exceptions will be made to this.
  4. If the client would like to receive WIP shots, that must also be requested up front, no exceptions. WIP shots are automatically given for any commission with a value of $50 or above.
  5. If the client chooses to forfeit WIP shots, the artist will not be held responsible for any changes in the finished product, unless:
    1. An inaccuracy was made on the artist’s behalf, such as missing markings, inaccurate colors, etc. as long as these things were mentioned in the original commission request and/or depicted on reference images.
    2. The inaccuracy in question is in regards to anatomical issues.
  6. Full refunds will NOT be issued after the start of any piece. Partial refunds may be issued at the artist’s discretion, and amount varies by the stage the commission is at. NO refunds will be given once a piece is completed.
  7. The artist reserves the right to cancel a commission due to rude and inappropriate behavior.
  8. The artist maintains all rights to any artwork produced, which includes the right to make prints, display as examples, or showcase on personal websites. In situations where the client would like their artwork to be kept private or in a time sensitive manner, it must be discussed with the artist at the beginning of the exchange.
  9. The client may make prints or display artwork, but only for personal, non-commercial use. Reposting to a personal gallery/website is fine, but credit for the artwork is requested in those instances.
  10. Commercial rights for artwork are available with additional compensation, but should be discussed prior to the start of the commission.
  11. Any NSFW commission can ONLY be purchased if you’re 18+. Proof of age may be required. Artist reserves the right to decline any NSFW subject matters; ask ahead if you’re unsure about your subject.
  12. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have or for some clarification on the above mentioned terms.
  13. By sending payment for a commission, you are agreeing to these terms of service.

Content Restrictions

I will not draw these subjects. I take the right to decline any commission subject I am not comfortable drawing.

  • Copyrighted characters (Pokémon, disney characters, sonic etc. E.g: if your character is a Pikachu in a different color, I will not draw it.)
  • Underaged characters / Baby Furs / Diaper furs
  • Incest. So NO siblings, cousins, father-daughter etc.
  • Extreme Vore
  • Fat Furs
  • Giant out of proportion breasts and genitals (Hyper)
  • Muscle (overly muscular characters)
  • Rape
  • Transformation
  • Watersports & Scat
  • Firearms and armor
  • Robots and humans, I am just not that good at them


The commissioner can request a refund; if no work has started yet the commissioner can request a full refund. If an approval sketch has already been provided a 50% refund can be given. After that no refunds are given. Artist has the right to cancel and (partially) refund any commission if the commissioner is rude/uncooperative.


All communication will be through email. The commissioner understands that good timely communication is very important, and without timely responses, my process will be slowed down. I work on multiple commissions at a time, and I will generally go back and forth between commissions to make the best use of my time, so if I do not receive timely responses, I will often switch over and work on another piece. Communication should also be friendly, professional and respectful at all times.

Questions?: Please email etuix.art@gmail.com

These Terms of Service are subject to change